Account&See Invoicing and Accounting

Types of Invoices created by Account&See

There are six types of invoice currently handled by Account&See Invoicing
Account&See allows you complete freedom as to the type of invoice you create. There are a maximum of 13 different columns of information you can store in any of the following invoice types.
The minimum amount of information you can enter to create invoices is the description of goods or service supplied, the quantity of goods or hours supplied and the list price of the goods/hourly rate.
However, Account&See also allows you to choose which columns are printed, and the minimum information that you need to print is the description line.
Therefore, for a company such as a solicitor/accountant a 'fee notice' can be created that just details the work done to date, with the cost and sales tax (if applicable) printed at the bottom of the invoice.
At the other end of the scale, you can select the product code, date of supply, description of product, second description, quantity ordered, quantity delivered, quantity to follow, list price, price per, discount rate, unit price and net price.

Standard Invoice

The standard invoice is, as its name suggests, an invoice, bill or fee notice for a product or service you have supplied.
The standard invoice can be created for a customer or client already in the customer database, or 'Receipts' can be created for customers who are not likely to order from you again, or who order so infrequently, that you do not want their details clogging up your customer database.


The Auto Bill Invoice is an automatically repeating invoice. You simply enter the details once, select the frequency you wish the invoices to be created, save and forget!
The two most popular uses for this type of invoice are for billing monthly web-hosting plans and for clubs and associations to handle their subscriptions.
Billing cycles can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and you can select the number of weeks/months required between each bill - i.e. select 1 x month for a calendar month billing cycle (12 invoices per year) or 4 x weeks for a 13 invoice per year cycle. 5 x yearly would, obviously, produce an invoice every five years.

Monthly Account

The monthly account records all transactions supplied to a customer during a specific month. At the end of the month, you can automatically convert the monthly bills into invoices. There are further optons, for instance, if the monthly bill is less than a certain amount, it is not converted to an invoice, but is simply carried over to another month.

Pro-Forma Invoice

Pro-Forma invoices can be created manually for an individual customer, or you can use the extensive search options to create Pro-Formas for a select range of your customers. For instance, if you supply white goods, you can send a pro-forma invoice to all customers who purchased a washing machine between 10 and 12 months ago to offer them an extended warranty. However, you can refine the search more so that people who bought a washing machine AND an extended warranty would not be sent a pro-forma.


Quotations/Estimates can be created and, at a later date, if the quote is successful, edited and converted to an invoice, or deleted if your quote was not accepted.

Quick Invoice

Quick Invoice is the fastest possible way to create an invoice. If you know your customer account and product codes, you can create a standard invoice in literally seconds.
If you wanted to produce an invoice for a customer 'Bradworthy Business Centre' (code BBC01) and they ordered 10 cases of Cola (product code COLA) and 10 cases of Lemonade (product code LEMON), from the Quick Invoice window you would type ... BBC01 (press enter) 10 COLA (press enter) 10 LEMON and click on the create invoice - Voila! There's your invoice.

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